About The ReSurfacing® Workshop...

"I have gained insights into my beliefs and I realized how my beliefs are limiting my life. I see ways to start changing beliefs with the exercises that I have learned."

"I experienced a series of changes that I desire to continue carrying out. I am touched for having taken this first step and desire to continue."

"It was an experience in which I consider myself reborn, with the difference that now I can steer the ship of my life under my responsibility, and therefore I am able to say that my world is divided between before Avatar and after Avatar.

"The major success is to begin to discover myself through such simple exercises that contain such great power."

"I have found quite a change in some points of view regarding my beliefs and I feel stronger and more tranquil."

"I have better understanding of the attachments that had compressed me into an unsatisfactory reality. I feel that a new being emanates from me. Creative, co-creator, infinite, real. Thank you!"

"Today I have discovered a great tool to disolve all my anguishes and fears. Today I understood why my life is as it is and I feel that I can steer my ship toward where I want to go."

"I have obtained a new perspective, a new vision of my life and it makes me feel happy and hopeful with life and with myself."

"It is one of the best investments that I have done in my life. I feel greatly moved to have been able to discover extraordinary tools that will permit me to rebuild my dreams. ReSurfacing is a new opportunity to find a complete, calm, and full life."

"Thanks to the ReSurfacing Workshop, I was able to realize who I am and how much I am worth. I could feel myself secure about my goals in life. This gives me more energy and value to move ahead and to know that I can be capable of achieving everything that I want."

"I came to the workshop to try to open the doors of my existence that have been shut closed all my life. I feel that they began to open and I am convinced that I am on the correct path toward a new life."

About The Avatar® Course...

"The Avatar tools continue to amaze me. Again and again, I think this is too simple, it can't make a real difference. But when I put my whole intention into an exercise, the results are undeniable. Already the Avatar tools have improved my life. I know every time I use them, they become more powerful for me. I can't wait to learn more."

"The changes I experienced were physical, mental, emotional, and certainly spiritual. Remarkable! My belief now is that it is totally possible to be transformed and experience a new reality through the Avatar training."

“I’ve taken other courses that were supposed to be life changing. But these are the tools I use to change my life.”

“I am ready to face the world in a completely different way, and today I feel that there is nothing beyond my grasp, as though everything is within me. It has been a truly indescribable, unique experience. Live it, and later we’ll talk.”

“I was reborn, I discovered my creations and the possibility of creating my own reality deliberately. Change, peace, silence…”

"Avatar is like beginning the game of life halfway through life with the marker at zero. I have spent nine days from amazement to amazement. From smooth experiences to realities never imagined. From the experience of being right here to being unlimited consciousness. I don’t know anything that can take us on such an extensive journey without having even moved from my chair. I do not know how to describe how Avatar has changed my life. To know myself as creator is indescribable!"

"Multiple manifestations of wellbeing, satisfaction, and tranquility were occurring during these days. The most important is that sensation of being source of my life and with it the sensation of responsibility. A full feeling of the being that I am, capable of choosing, of creating, and of assuming my life. I understood the value of living deliberately."

"Nine days exploring my ability to feel and developing the power of creating and discreating my experience of life. I do not have words to describe the wisdom achieved… just the great benefit of being able to build my life from another reality."

“...feelings of confidence, feeling that I can handle any problems I might have to face, and I am truly grateful for the Avatar Course in opening up my possibilities and enriching my life.”

"Unforgettable discoveries, Avatar is and will be a new discovery at each step. Thanks for being here to create this course that has allowed us a new advance in this beautiful task of living by creating."

“I kept saying to myself: how is it possible that something so simple could achieve so many changes, so instantly.”

“It is feeling complete, it is abandoning efforts and struggles, it is putting yourself in tune, it is awakening, it is creating happiness.”

“It gave me the understanding to change my life…creating a better future for myself, for my family, and for the planet in general.”

“With all these newly acquired tools, I know that everything will be different.”




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