Exploring consciousness with Avatar is not about rummaging around in the sorrows of the past, screaming at pillows, or staring into the blackness behind closed eyes. The idea is not to make yourself wrong or bad or stupid; the idea is to become familiar with the unique expression of who you are really being, and then learning to use the Avatar tools to shape that expression into who you wish to become. Anything short of doing this is just pretense and drama.

The delivery of your Avatar course reflects the skills and attention to detail that are the marks of great craftmanship. Care! You are the masterpiece. Nothing about the course is frightening, cultist or judgmental. Yes, it is expensive to deliver a course like this, but the results are priceless. You will see.

From the Avatar® Journal, 2002, Vol. 16, Issue 3, From the editor.







Section I
The ReSurfacing® Workshop (2-3 days)

Section I of The Avatar Course sets forth certain ideas about free will, attention, self-honesty, and the relationship between beliefs and reality. These ideas are subjected to various tests and examinations (in group discussions and in private explorations) to allow you to determine for yourself what role these play in your life.

Section I of the course (contained in the books Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing) is offered as an affordable workshop. It provides information, demonstrations, and experiential exercises, and finishes with a unique approach to goal setting, all of which awakens you to the unlimited possibilities of living deliberately.

The journey results in an intimate connection with a deeper, more compassionate and aware state of self.

Section II
The Exercises (4-5 days)

Section II of The Avatar Course expands your ability to experience reality without judgements, separation, or distortion. This makes way for transformational realizations about why certain aspects of your life have fallen short and what you can do to correct them. Self-sabotaging beliefs are exposed before they can do you more harm, and stress is replaced by a relaxed awareness.

In Section II of the course, you practice the specific abilities and tools that are required to successfully manage what you are experiencing in life. This practice playfully quiets the mind and dramatically enhances your sense of being.

You recover the effortless ability to modify personal reality and create what you prefer at will.

Section III
The Rundowns (2-4 days)

Section III of The Avatar Course develops your ability to discreate (stop creating) realities that act as hidden reefs and barriers to your operation as source or creator in your life. It begins with a privately guided session that introduces you to a technique that allows you to discreate some of the most fundamental (and previously transparent) beliefs running your life.

Following the session, you will apply this technique in the solo rundowns, permitting you to change body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, limitations, persistent conditions, compulsions, and (without words or argument) the beliefs of others that you wish to help.

In Section III of the course, you will experience yourself at the creator viewpoint, recognizing and assuming full responsibility for the conditions and circumstances of your own life.



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